Dr. Okawa carries the Obagi skin care line. Use of these products will help to improve skin texture, sagging and coloration providing patients with smoother, more youthful appearing skin. Other available Obagi products include sunscreen, non-comedogenic moisturizers, a roll-on product to reduce under eye puffiness, an acne treatment line and a product to help to regrow eyelashes.
Other available office therapies include: Botox for forehead wrinkles, injectable fillers (Radiesse) for deep facial lines and wrinkles and skin resurfacing with a chemical peel (Obagi Blue Peel).
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Skin Cancer

If you have a skin lesion which is changing in size, shape or color or if you have a lesion which recurs and does not completely heal, it may be a skin cancer. Dr. Okawa will perform screenings for skin cancer and can perform biopsies or excisions in the office or the operating room. If the lesion is larger or in a difficult location, she has expertise in multiple techniques used for reconstruction of the skin cancer excision sites while minimizing the appearance of the scars. Call for a personal consultation with Dr. Okawa.

Benign skin lesions and cysts

Sometimes skin moles, lumps, bumps and tags are not skin cancers, but may be very irritating just the same. Destruction or excision of these lesions may be covered by your insurance carrier and may often be performed in the office. Contact Dr. Okawa for a personal consultation.

Scars and Keloids

A scar is the normal way for a body to deal with a wound, but sometimes the scar will not settle down. If you have a scar that remains red, thick, painful and itchy after 2 months, you may have a hypertrophic scar or a keloid scar. Scars from injuries, surgeries or radiation therapy may also cause contracture of joints and soft tissues and make movement painful or difficult. There are multiple surgical and non-surgical therapies available for treatment of these scars. Come in for a personal consultation with Dr. Okawa.